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Opioid addiction can create numerous complications in a person’s life, including physical and mental challenges, relationship difficulties, and family concerns. Overcoming addiction requires comprehensive treatment in each of these areas and many others. An opioid rehab center may be the best place to find that support. Drug addiction treatment for opioids can be effective when you have access to comprehensive care. Our state-of-the-art treatment center at Ethan Crossing of Columbus is an excellent place to start the process.

How to Know You Need an Opioid Rehab Center

Opioid Rehab Center columbus ohioMany factors contribute to drug addiction. With opioids, many people begin using prescriptions written for them by their doctors for pain relief, only to need more of these substances. Over time, addiction forms, especially as a person misuses these prescriptions or turns to other drugs like heroin for support. You may need treatment in a formal setting if you:

  • Use opioids every day and often more than your doctor has prescribed
  • Feel pain or other withdrawal symptoms when not using it
  • Are using someone else’s prescription medication
  • Need more access to pain relief than you did before
  • Are using these drugs to get high and cannot stop
  • Tried to stop and failed to do so

Opioid addiction can be overwhelming, but there is help available at an opioid addiction treatment center.

Why Turn to an Opioid Addiction Treatment Center for Help Now

The longer you wait to get help from a treatment center, the higher the risks are for complications. It is possible to overdose on opioids. More so, long-term use of these drugs can cause numerous health complications, including damage to the lungs, kidneys, and liver. It can also create damage to the function of the brain, limiting cognitive function. Some people may also find sexual dysfunction occurs.

More so, a person may not be able to stop using these substances without professional help. They may be unable to overcome the cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Many times, it feels impossible to stop using opioids without supportive solutions.

How an Opioid Rehab Center Makes a Difference

When a person enrolls in an opioid rehab center, they gain access to treatment options that can enable them to stop using for good. This includes medications to avoid withdrawal symptoms and cravings. It may also involve resources for mental health complications and disorders often present in those who use these drugs. There is help for pain relief, too, if you are using opioids to reduce your pain.

In an opioid rehab center, you’ll also have access to both evidence-based and holistic care. That means finding solutions for family difficulties, past trauma, and proper stress management. Therapy is a big part of the recovery process. Our therapy programs may include:

  • Individual therapy programs
  • Group therapy programs
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Holistic therapy programs
  • 12 step therapy
  • Yoga therapy

We take the time to get to know your needs so we can develop the most effective treatment plan for your needs.

Is Inpatient Opioid Rehab Necessary for You?

If you’ve tried to stop using opioids and struggled to do so, or you’ve found yourself facing all types of complications from continued use, it’s time to consider a better alternative. When you invest in inpatient detox and rehab, you’ll start on a new path, one that you can control the outcome of instead of allowing opioids to control your future. With the right tools, it is possible to live a full and healthy life in opioid addiction recovery. The key is getting professional help to get there.

Invest in Ethan Crossing of Columbus to Start on Your Recovery Journey

Opioid addiction may have taken a great deal from you. Now it is time to find a way forward. Our opioid rehab center at Ethan Crossing of Columbus can help you every step of the way. Take the time now to learn more about our services when you give our team a call at 855.476.0078 or connect with us online for immediate support.