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men's rehab center columbus ohioWhen someone decides to get help from an addiction treatment center, it is one of the most courageous choices a person can make. The thought of entering a rehab center can be intimidating, and some people may want to stop using drugs or alcohol on their own. However, trying to quit “cold turkey” can be dangerous. Withdrawal symptoms can be quite painful, so going through detox and a residential addiction treatment program at an addiction treatment center can give you a strong foundation for lasting recovery.

At Ethan Crossing of Columbus, we offer a men’s rehab program designed specifically for men who are struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health issues. We also personalize our treatment plans, in addition to providing wellness programs and group therapy sessions with other men in recovery, to help the guests in our rehab center rebuild their lives.

If you or someone you care about may benefit from a men’s rehab program, learn more about our program by contacting the Ethan Crossing team today at 855.476.0078 or reaching out to us online.

The Advantages of Men’s Rehab Programs

When you enter a gender-specific treatment program for addiction, you may discover that it has benefits that co-ed options do not. If you’re unsure whether a men’s substance abuse treatment program at Ethan Crossing of Columbus is right for you, consider the following benefits:

  • Comfortable environment
  • Judgment-free space
  • Shared experiences with peers
  • Specialized treatment

Comfortable Spaces

Our men’s addiction treatment center provides a comfortable environment to help our guests heal emotional wounds that may be the root causes of addiction. During group therapy sessions, for example, our guests get to know their peers who have been through similar experiences.

Judgment-Free Environment

When our guests feel at ease, they tend to be more successful on their journeys to recovery. For example, our rehab center offers a space designed with men’s needs in mind. If a residential program for addiction may be the best choice for you, Ethan Crossing of Columbus can provide a distraction-free environment where you can focus on recovery away from the stresses of everyday life.

Shared Experiences

Group therapy is an important part of our rehab programs. In our center, guests meet other men in recovery who can provide support and encouragement. Sharing openly and honestly in group therapy sessions,

Specialized Treatment

Addiction treatment is most effective when it is tailored to the needs of each person. Every individual in recovery has unique needs, and a men’s recovery program offers therapies and approaches to treatment designed with men in mind. At Ethan Crossing of Columbus, our therapists and addiction treatment specialists have experience in helping men heal.

What to Expect in Our Men’s Treatment Program

When you enter the men’s treatment program at Ethan Crossing of Columbus, you will meet with our team to create a personalized treatment program. You might need to go through detox before beginning addiction therapy programs and counseling, or medication might assist you on your road to recovery. Our rehab center offers the support and assistance our guests need to make lasting changes in their lives, from residential treatment to aftercare.

Some of the services and amenities we offer include:

  • A fitness center
  • Game and lounge area
  • Spaces to practice yoga or meditate
  • Medical care during detox
  • Therapeutic options including cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and family therapy
  • Help for those who struggle with both addiction and co-occurring mental health issues

Our treatment team can help those struggling with addiction to alcohol, opioids, or stimulants. We support our guests every step of the way.

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