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Family Therapy Program columbus ohioA strong network of support can be invaluable on the road to recovery. At Ethan Crossing of Columbus, we incorporate family therapy and engagement into our addiction therapy programs in order to help our clients find the strength and motivation they need to heal.

Additionally, substance use issues can cause damage to relationships. Those struggling with addiction might hide their drug or alcohol use from loved ones, which can erode trust. Personality changes due to addiction can cause conflict. Family therapy is a chance for loved ones to work through issues in a supportive environment with the guidance of a therapist.

Discover how family therapy can help you and your loved ones build stronger, healthier relationships. Contact Ethan Crossing of Columbus at 855.476.0078 or reach out online to learn more.

Why We Offer Family Therapy

Addiction has been referred to as a family disease. Every member of the family can be impacted when one member has a substance use disorder. If your spouse, child, sibling, or parent is struggling with addiction, you may have tried to get them help. However, if these attempts have been unsuccessful, you might feel discouraged or hopeless. Enabling is also a risk when family members try to help those struggling with addiction.

Conflict between family members can also occur when one individual is struggling with a substance use disorder. Anger, disappointment, and frustration can be common. To heal from the damage that addiction has caused, we recommend that our guests and their loved ones participate in family therapy sessions.

In family therapy, you’ll find a safe space where you and your loved ones can work through challenges together. These sessions might take place with the individual who is struggling with addiction in the room or without them present. Family members will learn how to support them in a healthy way that promotes recovery instead of enabling addiction.

In sessions with a therapist, you’ll be able to discuss challenges your family has faced in the past. You’ll examine these past issues and look into how you could respond to situations differently. This will help you and your loved ones build effective communication skills to face challenges in the future. Your therapist will ask questions and help guide the conversation, but the sessions are a way for you to share how addiction has impacted you and find ways to heal.

Advantages of Family Therapy

The family therapy programs we offer play a valuable role on the road to recovery. Those who are working to overcome addiction can feel more motivated to do the hard work in treatment when they know that their family members are supporting them every step of the way. Effective communication skills, problem-solving skills, and stronger family ties are just a few of the possible outcomes of family therapy. Other benefits of family involvement in addiction treatment programs include:

  • Helping to hold each family member accountable for their actions
  • Discovering and discontinuing behaviors that trigger self-medication
  • Bringing structure to the family unit
  • Changing destructive family patterns
  • Providing a safe place for communication to happen

Family therapy complements individual and group therapy programs. At Ethan Crossing of Columbus, we’ll help your whole family heal from the effects of addiction. Lasting recovery is possible, and you can begin the process today.

Find Hope and Healing at Ethan Crossing of Columbus

When you’re ready to see your family heal from the effects of addiction, reach out to Ethan Crossing of Columbus. Our rehab center offers a supportive environment for those who are in recovery from addiction and their family members. Our addiction treatment programs include:

We develop individualized treatment plans for every client in our care. Sustainable, long-term recovery is possible. Reach out to our team at 855.476.0078 or contact us online today to learn more.