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Many people with addiction also struggle with mental health disorders. That includes conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Many of those people don’t know they have a mental health disorder. Yet, with the help of a co-occurring rehab program, it’s possible to work through both conditions at the same time, leading to healing and long-term recovery. With comprehensive mental health treatment including anxiety treatment and depression treatment as well as substance abuse treatment programs at Ethan Crossing of Columbus, our team can help make this happen.

What Is Co-Occurring Treatment?

co-occurring rehab programs ohioCo-occurring is a term used to describe the treatment of both addiction and mental health disorders at the same time. Having both is also known as having co-occurring disorders. This type of treatment program uses therapies and strategies to address both conditions at once. If this is not done, a person may relapse with drug use or continue to struggle with intense mental health symptoms. Co-occurring disorders treatment can be very effective at helping a person gain control over both disorders.

How to Know You Need Mental Health Counseling

It’s not always easy to know a mental health disorder is also present when addiction is. That’s because the symptoms of many mental health disorders are often in the background or hidden due to drug or alcohol use. A well-trained, specialized therapist is able to determine that this is the case after completing a full assessment. Some of the signs you may need this type of substance abuse treatment include:

  • Using drugs or alcohol to deal with anxious feelings
  • Turning to drugs so you do not “feel” anything
  • Needing to use drugs as a way to manage thoughts of previous trauma
  • Using substances as a way to help focus the mind
  • Not dealing with emotional trauma
  • Needing drugs or alcohol to clear your head

If you are making statements like these, a co-occurring treatment plan may work for you. It’s designed to be intensive, but supportive of both conditions at the same time.

How Are Co-Occurring Disorders Treated?

The therapy process for co-occurring disorders is dependent on your symptoms and the extensiveness of your condition. For many people, the process starts with detox, a way to rid the body of the demand for the drug. It can take time, but within our treatment program, you’ll have access to medications to help ease withdrawal symptoms and cravings. We offer drug rehab and alcohol rehab including heroin addiction treatment, opioid addiction treatment, and opiate addiction treatment.

Many people also need medications to help ease their mental health disorder symptoms. This can be done for any of the conditions you may have such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or post-traumatic stress disorder. This can help to bring some mental clarity.

From there, a mental health treatment program also includes addiction therapy programs such as:

Can a Co-Occurring Rehab Program Really Work?

Yes. Though it may seem challenging right now, working with a licensed therapist in a comprehensive treatment center opens the door for treatment of both addiction and mental health disorders. It can help you achieve a better outlook, aid in reducing physical illness and pain, and improve your quality of life. All you have to do is to be ready to engage in treatment with us.

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