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What Happens with Long-Term Cocaine Use?

What Happens with Long-Term Cocaine Use?

Prolonged cocaine use alters a person’s physical and psychological systems, with some of these changes having long-term adverse effects on the body. This leads to several severe and sometimes fatal health problems. Fortunately, our cocaine rehab center at Ethan Crossing at Columbus can help individuals heal and recover. Early Symptoms of Cocaine Use Cocaine use…

man struggles with crystal meth withdrawal

Dangers of Crystal Meth Withdrawal

Crystal meth is a stimulant that causes increased attention, energy, alertness, anxiety, and psychosis. Meth is also psychologically and physically addictive. People who are withdrawing from meth experience exhaustion, agitation, and intense drug cravings.  The intensity of the withdrawal symptoms depends on how much meth a person uses and how long they’ve been using it.  Detox…