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Benzodiazepines (benzos) are may be necessary for a range of reasons. They can help with seizure control and reduce the symptoms of muscle tension and anxiety. However, many people find that these drugs are also highly addictive, especially when someone misuses them. When addiction occurs, a detox center may be a necessary step in the recovery process due to the complexities of the condition. At Ethan Crossing of Columbus, we offer a complete benzo detox center that can provide support and resources to change your future.

Signs You May Benefit from a Benzo Detox Center

benzo rehab center columbus ohioA benzo detox center provides medications and treatment for addiction in a safe and drug-free environment. Here, you gain the necessary resources to help you stop using benzos safely. You may benefit from this type of treatment in some situations, including if you have the following symptoms:

  • Running out of prescription medication before you can refill your medication
  • Using more of the drug over time, indicating that benzo tolerance has formed
  • Using a prescription that a doctor wrote for someone else
  • Feeling the need to use medication before it is time to do so, often with cravings
  • Needing to use drugs to reduce feelings of pain or discomfort from withdrawal

In these situations, a person may have a dependence on the drug. Even if you are taking these medications with a prescription, you may be misusing them, leading to dependency. When this happens, it may be challenging to stop using these drugs on your own.

Why Benzo Detox Is the Best First Step

Detoxing from benzos is a process that requires careful consideration. For those who have used these drugs for a long time, there is an enhanced risk that you could suffer complications when you stop using them. This may include seizures, intense episodes of anxiety, painful muscles, and even medical emergencies. Do not try to stop taking your medications on your own. Our experts monitor treatment carefully to ensure you are safe throughout the withdrawal process in our detox center.

A Comprehensive Benzo Detox Program Provides Ample Support

Within our benzo detox program at Ethan Crossing of Columbus, you’ll have access to several tools to help you safely detox. This includes medications that can meet the needs you have for these drugs, such as controlling anxiety and seizures. You can slowly step down from your use of addictive benzos in the process.

In addition to this, our treatment program also includes a range of therapies that can help you recover effectively. This may include therapies such as:

  • Individual therapy programs
  • Group therapy programs
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Holistic therapy programs
  • 12 step therapy
  • Yoga therapy

Each of these therapies helps you work through the underlying cause of your addiction while also providing you with support to manage your symptoms. You’ll give your body the ability to heal while helping your mind to recover as well.

Explore Treatment Options at Ethan Crossing of Columbus

Don’t try to stop taking benzos without help. Instead, call our team first to learn more about the treatment options available. We provide individualized treatment plans. Each one is designed to support your full recovery but is selected for you based on your needs. Our location offers a non-hospital setting where you’ll feel comfortable. With cutting-edge therapy and innovation, our team is confident you can recover from benzo addiction.

With a comprehensive benzo detox center to provide for all of your needs, you can depend on Ethan Crossing of Columbus to empower you towards healing and full recovery. It takes a lot of focus and hard work to achieve your best outcome. However, we can help you get there. Learn more when you call 855.476.0078 or connect with our team now online.