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Battling addiction can seem like a lonely, long road. It’s a complex disease impacting the brain. Yet, many people are simply unsure how to change their actions because of how much control addiction can have over life. With the right addiction recovery resources, it’s possible to walk away from drug use and to start living a life that’s more in your control. Our substance abuse treatment center at Ethan Crossing in Columbus welcomes you to get the support you need. Contact us if you have questions about insurance coverage, rehab FAQs, or our other rehab locations.

Use Addiction Treatment Resources – You Don’t Have to Fight on Your Own

addiction recovery resources columbus ohioWorking with us in our substance abuse treatment center opens the door for healing. It may be possible for some people to simply stop using and walk away from addiction. That is rarely the case. Most people need comprehensive support through numerous addiction recovery resources. That includes one-on-one care. When you reach out to us for help, you’ll have access to a range of treatment programs, each designed to provide exceptional care during this time. Some of our programs include:

Our recovery resources are uniquely designed to provide support and guidance in a way that fits your unique needs.

Covering the Cost of Treatment

Some people worry about being able to afford a drug rehab center. This is a valid concern, especially when it may not be clear how much care and support you will need or how long therapy is necessary. There are options available for many. Our team can help determine if your health insurance can help cover the cost of therapy. Additionally, you may have access to other recovery resources. Our team can help you know what to expect in your unique situation when you give us a call.

Comprehensive Access to Therapy in Rehab

At Ethan Crossing of Columbus, we offer a wide range of therapy options for you. This type of therapy can help encourage you to fully heal no matter what you’re facing. It includes addiction therapy programs such as:

We also offer those programs for both men’s rehab and women’s rehab. These gender-specific treatment programs can make it a bit easier for you to open up and feel comfortable getting the support you need.

After a full assessment, our team provides an individualized treatment plan for each person. That includes providing exceptional care, one-on-one support, and numerous areas of therapy to ensure the very best level of treatment is available to you. Our cutting-edge substance abuse treatment center and experienced therapists make that possible.

Addiction Treatment Resources for Mental Health

We also provide complete support within our drug rehab center for mental health disorders. It is very common for a person struggling with addiction to also have conditions like depression, bipolar disorder, or generalized anxiety disorder. When that is the case, it is necessary to have access to resources to help overcome both conditions at once.

Our highly trained professionals can do that for you. When you’re working through addiction and mental health disorders like this, it becomes possible to effectively gain more control over both conditions, enabling you to build a strong, healthy future for yourself.

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With a wide range of addiction recovery resources, our dedicated team of professionals at Ethan Crossing of Columbus is ready to help you stop using and start living again. Our team in Columbus, Ohio is a phone call away at 855.476.0078 or connect with us online now. Learn how our state-of-the-art location offers the very best level of care.